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Allston D.I.Y Fest and The Orris Book Swap

Allston DIY Fest

Allston D.I.Y Fest is a free celebration of Do-It-Yourself ingenuity and creativity taking place this Saturday, July 21 in Ringer Park, Allston, MA.  The festival is organized by a collective of Allston locales, who work non-hierarchically, promoting participation from the community at every level.   Saturday’s event will mark the festival’s third year and organizers say this year is turning out to be bigger than years’ prior as they welcome “new waves of participation.”

In their mission statement, organizers describe the festival as “a free, all-ages, sober festival celebrating DIY culture, freedom of individual expression, community building and alternative education, promoting a gift economy in place of money and oppressive consumerism.”  The festival will feature two stages of live music, bringing together an exciting mix of acoustic and electric sets.  Environmentally minded, organizers encourage attendees to clean up after themselves to respect the community’s park.

The Orris Book Swap Joel Brown

Illustration by Joel Brown

In the spirit of the fest’s gift economy, The Orris is hosting a book swap.  Bring an old book and swap it for a new (to you) one.  There will also be a record swap and a “really free” market of donated household goods and clothes. We’re excited about the number of skill shares to attend, from learning how to crochet plastic bags, brewing your own kombucha, to hula hooping. In promoting collective education and community conversation, the fest also offers workshop discussions like “Creating Change Through Books” and “Intersectionality in the DIY Music Scene.”  The event runs from 10-6, with music starting at 11.  A list of events and the music lineup can be found on their website and event page.

In the spirit of the ‘happenings’ of the 1960s, the D.I.Y Fest encourages people to not only attend, but to participate in its making by bringing “their art, non-powered instruments, hoops and other toys.” So grab a book to swap and some gifts to share, and join us as the musicians, artists, activists, friends, and families of Allston come together for a day in Ringer Park!

-Lana Cook

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