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Call for Submissions: Competition

In Issue Four of The Orris, we are getting competitive.  As we enter a  season of physical, political, and financial contests strength will be tested, alliances tried, victories won and lost.  We will watch as elite athletes square off at the Olympics; welcome the start of the football season; cheer on playoff teams in baseball. We will weigh the political debates of the upcoming American election, using our votes as a national scorecard.  As jobs appear and recede, as bank accounts shrink and swell, we will consider the gains and losses of capitalist competition. Does the old adage still hold true, is it really survival of the fittest?  Amidst this season of striving, The Orris asks you to think about what it means to compete in today’s world.

The Orris is seeking critical and creative work on the theme of “Competition” for our next issue.    Essays, fiction, poetry, artwork, photography, music, film, and other digital mediums are welcomed.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

The Olympics




Adaptation, Evolution, and Survival of the Fittest

Cooperation and Collaboration

Awards & Contests

Global Resources

To submit a pitch or a finished work, or for general inquiries, contact   Submission deadline: October 15, 2012.

As always, we also have an open call for submissions for critical and creative work.

Image Credit:  Albert Meyer, “Olympic Games 1896, Athens: Champion in the discus, Robert Garrett” [Public Domain]



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