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Spotlight: The power of “o-c-O-C” : Environmental Organizing

Trevor Lovell, the environmental program coordinator for Public Citizen’s Texas office, speaks on the power of “o-c-O-C” (pronounced “aukuh-aukuh”) to students at a White House Young Americans Tour townhall meeting at the University of Texas at Austin campus.  Lovell co-founded ReEnergize Texas, a student-run coalition established to promote and implement policies for climate change.  Lovell recognizes the importance of both large and small-scale organizational change.  He calls on students to implement programs like the Think Green Fund, a campus initiative to help fund local, sustainable environmental projects, like solar and wind power, through ‘green fees’. By recognizing the organizational power in our own communities, Lovell inspires us to celebrate the local victories as we work collectively toward global climate change.

The event was organized by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Participation on behalf of the White House and with support from the Millenium Momentum Foundation.   The event featured several young leaders inspiring and creating change in their communities.

Featured Artwork:  Fabio Sassi



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