The Orris: A Cultural Journal

Issue Zero

Issue Zero

Special Section: Our Digital World

Private Lives, Public Personas
With the desire for digital publicity growing, are we losing our sense of real-world privacy? Or is this what we’ve wanted all along?

The Good and the True
With the line between our digital lives and our real lives blurring, what
happens when we start confusing the two?

Mnemonics in the Twenty-first Century:
Have We Forgotten How to Remember?

Exploring the long and storied history of mnemonics and its uses, up to the current day, and examining whether or not technological advancements have fundamentally changed our cognitive memory systems.


American Way: A Series on Main Street America
The first article in a series exploring the changing face of America’s “main street” from a personal perspective.

Revisiting “The Twilight Zone”
Parallel universes, life on other planets, alternate versions of reality. These fantasies seem ever more plausible. Have we entered the Twilight Zone?

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